Who owns Metamorph?

We are owned by a group of private individuals, most of whom are solicitors or from similar professional services backgrounds. We are not backed by Private Equity or Venture Capital and can therefore remain focused on longer-term goals rather than short-term gain.

What happens to me once I’ve sold my business?

Ideally, we want you to carry on doing what you have been doing, but with the added substantial resource that Metamorph brings to make the service and the experience better for you and your clients.

What does this mean for the firm?

Succession and longevity are assured. Its local identity will be preserved. A consumer brand is part of the longer term development plan, but this is likely to wrap around the existing local presence.

What if my firm has niche specialisms outside of private client work?

Volume PI and Crime are not for us. Otherwise, we may be very interested in any that fit well alongside our core private client work, including suitable Legal Aid franchises.

Why do you have a corporate structure?

The obvious answer is that is because some of our backing and management comes from outside of the legal professions, we are necessarily a corporate ABS. The more pertinent reason is that this is the only way to create, grow and realise capital value and to bring professional decision-making, support and process into the strategies and operations of a business of this scale.