What's the deal?

We are only interested in outright acquisitions of existing businesses. In nearly all cases this will be the purchase of the business and assets and not an acquisition of their current legal entity.

  • We will take over any existing bank debts and facilities and endeavour to remove you from your pgs.
  • We will take on the successor practice PII responsibility.
  • We will pay the current fair value, based on the balance sheet and/or capital accounts, for the businesses we acquire over a suitable period.

Those partners intending to stay will be offered employment contracts on suitable terms, which will include a minimum guaranteed term, with a suitable bonus structure and benefits package on top of a base salary based on recent drawings.

Existing partners will remain as the local management, supported by central services and resource as well as our Discipline Heads of Practice, focused on their local client base and communities.

We will invest in best of breed technology and people at all levels.

There will be opportunities for career progression within Metamorph Law. For those who stay the course, there will be the opportunity to share in the growth in the capital value of the business upon any exit.