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About Metamorph

We are a solicitor-led business, aiming to enhance legal services in the high street in England and Wales for the benefit of our clients, our local communities and our staff.

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What do we do?

We will acquire existing high street practices, invest in both best of breed technology and their people, provide professional middle management support and generally empower their ability to service the needs of their clients and local communities.

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What's involved?

1. Conversation

An initial discussion and meeting to see whether there is mutual interest to explore further. Do we like each other, as well as the concept?

2. Offer

Under the protection of an NDA, we then review your recent accounts and financial records to formulate a proposal for discussion.

3. Due diligence

Once Heads of Terms are agreed, there then follows a process of mutual financial, operational and legal due diligence.

4. Completion

Terms of the contracts are agreed and completion takes place.
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